Why do Women Like to Date Older men

Why do Women Like to Date Older men
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Statistics have shown that women grow faster than men. If you take women and men of the same age, bring them together and do a physiological study on them, you would notice that the women would physically look more matured than the men. This seem to be one of the reasons why normal men enjoy dating younger women older ones. While some people see age as a mere figure, others see it as the main parameter necessary in choosing a life partner or soul mate. The question is does age difference really matter in relationships?

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Most women like to date older men because they have the impression that mature men have already made their career and are usually wealthier than young men. This makes women more attractive to them.

It is also because  such men have become more tender and more considerate as they have more experience in life. Hence, it is but normal for women to like mature men. Below are the main reasons why women like dating older men:

1.Mature men understand the needs of women and how to meet them.

There is a saying that “experience is the best teacher”. Going by this we can see that older men have a number of relationships they have experienced. They would have discovered their short comings and corrected them. There are a lot of women that have educated the men how to grow up, so this has made most men to tend to be more considerate to women.

There is no woman that doesn’t love warm men, while older men are less impulsive as compared to when they were young. As the men grow older, they become more exceptionally rational and more sensitive to the emotional needs of women.

Women enjoy being spoiled by their own men, and naturally they find it difficult to resist these men. Research  has shown that men are like red wine whose taste for women improves with age. Mature men tend to think more wisely than younger men. This quality makes women feel loved, cherished, safe, and emotionally connected. Such women don’t seem to have anything to worry about as the men work hard to ensure that they are comfortable. 

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2. Mature men are patient, calm, and responsible.

 Most women like older men because older people have mature minds. They have seen things and have learned how to manage relationship issues. They are not only patient, but calm, not impulsive and responsible in the way they do their things. Time has taught men not to only be considerate in their love relationships, but to be focus and more stable in life. In young people’s love relationship, a little misunderstanding can lead to cold war or  a full flesh war if not tactfully resolved while mature men would understand that women are the weaker sex and needs to be treated with care.

This doesn’t mean that there are no young people with mature minds out there. Some men may be young but very mature in the way they do things. To some people, it is a gift and to others it is a talent they have acquired over time through research.

As  compared to young men, older men are by far more considerate in terms of personal behavior when it comes to resolving minor and major love related conflicts. They are more careful and would always think about the causes and consequences of every action before taking it. That is they hardly take hasty decisions that would expose them or their relationship to trouble. They take time to make appropriate decisions.

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Men with mature minds don’t hurry over decisions as they use to do when they were young, and are much more decisive when it comes taking decisions as a man. Women love men that have great ideas or opinions about life. Women love Men that are pregnant with constructive ideas that can help them grow their relationship and family. They don’t enjoy men that would need a woman to decide everything. When this happens, the woman feel that the man is not a man enough and consequently not reliable.

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3. Mature men have a stable financial foundation.

Women like to date older men because such men are more financially stable and can offer a woman a better living standard. Their past savings and current income due to hard work, gives them the financial stamina that allows them to be able to offer women their basic needs. The don’t hesitate to satisfy a bill tabled by a woman like some young men do because of financial constraint. They have the money. This is one of the reasons why women like to date or if possible marry  men that are financial wealthy.

Most young girls nowadays join some sugar daddy sites because they are desperate for a rich man that can pay their bills. There is absolutely nothing wrong for a woman to find a rich man for marriage, as money is one of the main ingredients that every relationship needs to flourish. Without money life would be miserable, people will not be able to buy basic needs that can make them happy like food, cloths, shelter, means of transport, medication etc.

Rich people have a higher capacity to live in luxury villas, wear expensive dresses, drive expensive cars, travel around the world any time they deem it necessary. Ordinary people with average incomes would hardly be able to enjoy such a standard of living. This is one of the reasons why some women like marrying wealthy men. There is nothing wrong with that as the objective is to protect the family against misery in future. How then can we distinguish mature men from young men?

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Qualities of mature men

Most women need attention, intimacy and emotional connection at all times so the mature men become the best option. But then what are the qualities or characteristics of mature men?

  1. Friendly and tactful;

Mature men are like shock absorbers. They are friendly and careful in handling relation conflicts or challenges. They reason before acting, and do not act before thinking despite the pressure. It is a good virtue. No matter the gravity of the problem, they resolve it without hurting your feelings. They use accumulated knowledge and wisdom to avoid hurting their partner because of a misunderstanding.

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2. Mature men possess a Strong sense of responsibility;

What women need most is affection and this affection is made available by the temperament of a man who loves and cherish them. Matured men are noted for their distinct ability to be responsible  emotionally and at work.

Some women pester girls to chat with them almost every day just for simple chatting. This gives the women the impression that the man concern is idle and has nothing to do. But mature men don’t actually have that time to be responding to simple chatting messages because they are very busy. Women would consider such men as hard working, shows that they are motivated and enterprising men.

Just talking
Just talking

3.Decent and steady behavior:

Older men are ideal because of their decent and steady behavior which make them an icon of attraction to women. They are not only calm, charismatic, but possess absolute control over their emotions. For instance when they are faced with love related conflicts, they handle with wisdom while ensuring that they don’t hurt the feelings of their partner.

They would meditate over the problem and bring diverse ways of resolving it. They have their own opinions and principles and would not change them just for changing sake or because they want to please a particular girl. They have a focus and direction in life.

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Unlike young men because of peer pressure may be push to do terrible things that would hurt their partner. Although not all boys may be guilty of this, but a majority may be full of anxiety, fear, and even not courageous to take decisions and stand by them. Only mature men can take decisions and stand by them despite the consequences.

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From the above mentioned reasons we can conclude that women like to date older or mature men because such men are not only caring, romantic, charismatic, but have outstanding ability to connect with their partners physically, morally and emotionally.

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