“Video” Love Is Not Money. Do You Agree?

“Video” Love Is Not Money. Do You Agree?
A couple that believes that love is not money

Before we move into this article, lets watch the 5 minutes video as it would help us understand other people’s view as to what women really want in a relationship. Money or love?

What Women Care about. Money or Love

I have heard a lot of people saying “Love is not money”.  Is love poverty? I disagree with that. Many of those who think so have failed to understand that money and love are complements. They walk together. Those in love need money to enjoy the fountain of love, while those who have already made the money need love to enjoy the money. People feel well spending the money they have made but they feel better when they spend the money with their love ones.

Also watch this video as it will show us some of the reasons why money is very important in love

When a married man makes money he things of his family. That is where he spends the money happily. On the other hand, when an unmarried man makes money, he thinks of where to get the lady he loves to spend the money with.

 Have you seen a lady that has money but no love? She feels more frustrated than the poorest man in the world. But the moment she finds someone that loves and cares for her, the one that meets her  psychological and emotional need in an excellent way she feels excellent loved. She feels complete.

Money taste better when you spend it with your love one. As for me, when I go out with my love I feel better than when I am alone. You feel lonely. God new this in the beginning. That is why He said “It is not good for a man to be alone” Then He created a woman to be his companion, comforter and supporter.

Anyone without love is missing a lot. Anyone in love that  doesn’t have money is the greatest looser.

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Some 6 reasons why you need money in your relationship

Here are six reasons money matters in a relationship;

  1. Relationship has to be equal;

No one goes into a relationship to be a slave for another person all because you are in love. This has a lot of negative effects in the relationship. All the bills in the house should not be paid by a single person. Each partner has to take part in the expenses the relationship insures. It may be 50/50 or 50/60 depending on your arrangement. In the case where expenses insured are to be 50/60, the man takes the greater share. It is not good for a single person to shoulder all the expenses. When this happens, the victim will feel cheated or exploited and this can influence your relationship negatively.

Once a partner  starts feeling that he/she is being exploited the love in the relationship begins to fall.

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When both partners are financially committed in their relationship, emotionally intoxicating statements like “ You love me because of my money” You married me because of my money” would hardly be a daily routine.

Young couple
A young couple that prefers love to money.

Photo by John De Boer from freeimages

2. You don’t want to be surprise with a list of  needs to satisfy;

Knowing the financial situation of your partner is very important. I don’t mean that you go about asking for his or her bank statement on your second outing.

 But if you have known yourselves for some  time and are planning to end up as a couple, you would not want to be “surprised”. For example you wouldn’t want to hear surprising things like  “ I am broke” Or receive sudden calls to come home to solved financial issues you were not prepared for. I am not saying it is bad for a partner to support the other, but that it should not be a habit.

 Such practices lead to relationship boredom.  This is not a good remark. Each partner should work so as to be able to support the relationship financially. This makes you an assets and not a liability in the relationship.

3. To be able to meet up with unexpected expenses; 

You need money in your relationship because your partner may unexpectedly need your support. You don’t need to be the type that is always on the receiving end. Work hard so as to be able to give your partner a surprise. Remember that your partner can loss his or her job, yet you would still have bills to settle. In this case you will learn to understand that  psychological, emotional and financial partnership is prominent in a relationship.  When you are in a relationship, you need to understand that your partner’s pain is your pain and you work hard to support each other. Where you need to do an extra job online check on the affiliate link above.

A toast
A couple toasting

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4. You need to have a common financial preference; 

 To succeed in your relationship, you both need to have a common goal. You both decide on what you have to save  and what to used  in running the house expenses and your individual expenses. Each partner needs to be trusted and  be financially responsible. One partner does not need to specialize in monitoring the other person’s expenses. You need to be communicative in your spending.

5. To plan for your financial future and that of  your kids if  you will end up in marriage;

To have a stable relationship requires both parties to get involve in planning for the future, how you will raise money to pay your rent together, buy your house, cars, how you will get kids and take care of them etc. Without money  such needs would never be met. This will determine your quality of live and strengthen your relationship.

6. It’s easy to fight when money is concern;

Failure to understand how money is being manage in a relationship can be destructive. If financial issues are not handled with care it can lead to fighting. There must be  an open dialogue as to how money is spent.  If not a partner would find his or herself fighting because of the way the other partner spends money.  Most relationship conflicts are connected to finance. Either because of financial mismanagement or because financial needs are not  met satisfactorily.

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We can conclude base on the above analysis  that money is very instrumental in sustaining a relationship or marriage. Without money love would not flow smoothly. Money is a stimulant, complement and a lubricant without which relationship would suffer uncommon crisis. Research has proven that the lack of money or inadequate supply of it is one of the main causes of relationship conflict across the continents of the earth.

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