“Video” 5 Things You Can Turn Into Money To Enhance Your Relationship.

“Video” 5 Things You Can Turn Into Money To Enhance Your Relationship.
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It is evident that the role money plays in a relationship cannot be underestimated. That explains why every couple must do every thing possible to make sure money flows into the pocket regularly.

In this article we shall look at some reasons why every successful relationship needs money, the possible things that a couple can turn into money and how to to manage money as a couple.

The 11 minutes video below would teach us 5 things will can turn to a lot of money.

5 Things you can turn to lot of money

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It is difficult to talk about love without talking about money. They both have a role to play. Gay Hendricks said “Life is at it’s best when love, money, and creativity are growing in harmony”. That is no relationship succeeds without application of wisdom, love and availability of money. A lazy couple would never be happy because they have bills to settle like house rent, school fees, fuel, food, etc. No matter how much love you have for each other you will never turn the love into money to settle your bills.

This means that you will always need money to survive. You must do an income generating activity. That is why Nadair Desmar said ” Money is key to survival. Love is key to happiness”. Debbie Macomber equally supported this view by quoting that ” While money doesn’t buy love, but it can get you practically everything else”

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To motivate your partner to be happy and love you the more, you need money. Money can be use to stimulate love in a person. For example if your partner is sad because she has lost an expensive jewelry that she treasures and suddenly you surprise her with a brand new jewelry of the same or grater quality, she would be very happy and feel loved.

How much a man invest in a the wife determines how much love he will receive from her. MF Moozajer once said ” people may do crazy things for love, but amazing things for money” A man who marries a woman with a bad character would hardly notice it as long as he spends lavishly on her. Especially if the woman is from a poor background and knows what it means to be poor. If the man suddenly losses his job and is not able to meet the needs of that same woman, it is then that he will know that money can hide evil.

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The woman’s hidden bad habit would show up because the money that was covering it has been taken away. The absence of money can cause people to act differently in different occasions. Albert Ocran once said ” A relationship is like a bank. When you have deposited money, you can make a withdrawal. If you don’t have money, your check will bounce”. If you take a woman who is in her bad mode and treat her well she will give you so much love in exchange. However, you need money to make such services available.

I believe that inspirational quotes about money, love and relationship are very important. I would recommend that you follow this link below to gain more ideas about how money and love are related.

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What can a couple turn into money to enhance their relationship?

Beside what you are doing as an employee, there are a lot of things you can use to make much money for your family and love ones. To learn more about this, follow the video link below to learn about five things you can turn into money from a financial expert.

It is good to gain economic power before ever getting married. Ishita Majumdar said ” Don’t look for a rich husband. Be a rich wife” With this mentality women would hardly be financially dependent. They would turn every opportunity around them into money to improve on their financial life. They would hardly be maltreated in a relationship because they cannot afford their basic needs and have to depend solely on the husband for livelihood.

As a couple you can equally raise a lot of money for your relationship. To learn more about this, click on the link below for details.

10 Ideas for couples to make money together.

How to manage money as a couple;

It is equally good for a couple to know how to manage money. Money management in the family can either be a source of joy or a source of conflict. Some couples fight because of financial mismanagement. Every body likes financial transparency. No responsible couple would be happy seeing his or her partner mismanaging family income.

Watch the 11 minutes video below as it would teach us how to manage money as a couple.

How to manage Your money as a couple



From the above views, we can conclude that a relationship would hardly be exciting without money. A couple that has a mastery of how to manage money as a couple would find marriage very exciting while the couple that has little knowledge on how to manage money as a couple may find themselves fighting unnecessarily because of money. You can use money to love people , but you cannot use people to love money.








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