Top 5 Things Men love Most In A Woman More Than Good Looks

Top 5 Things Men love Most In A Woman More Than Good Looks
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In this article we are going to look at the most five important things that men are looking for in a woman different from her looks.

1.Someone who can listen

Men naturally love women that have a good listening ear. That listens attentively and talk wisely. Men easily fall for them as they see such women as an assets and not a liability. A woman that has the ability to listen must obviously have wisdom to contribute productive ideas that can help a man grow out of problems. The men believe that if they date them, they would easily grow economically. This is very true especially for industrious or hard working men of this present era. Listening however means that you care and respects what the other person is saying. Remember, men love to be respected and cared for. Men usually take their time when they want to process their problems. As such, they respect and appreciate women that are patient and attentive in listening to them.

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2.A good cook

Some women nowadays do not like the idea of cooking. There are many reasons why men want women to cook for them.They don’t enjoy cooking at all. A great proportion of women don’t even know how to cook. This is because in the modern world today, you don’t need to be a good cook before you can enjoy a good meal. With pizza and burger joints all over the city, some women would find it easier to “ dial a delivery” rather than cooking as cooking would be stressful. Men love food and women that can satisfy their stomach.

Placing order for food once a while is okay but making it a habit is what is not advisable. When a woman cooks for her man, she easily controls his heart. 

The quality of your food makes a man happy and convince that you have quality home training and can take proper care of his home. Your food makes you special in the man’s eyes and heart. That is why our people say that “ the way to a man’s heart is his stomach.

Woman cutting vegetable to cook
Woman cutting vegetable to cook with the husband.

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Your good food gives a man great memories about you. If you are a good cook, any time the man is hungry, he thinks of you. When you are not around he miss you because of the good food that you have been cooking for him and would not want to stay far from you.       Your absence would mean a lot to him.

 That is when a woman cooks for a man she increases her value and reliability to the man which makes him appreciate and love her the more. In fact it supernaturally binds both of you together and fosters emotional intimacy which is the core of a successful relationship.

3.Humorous or funny

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Humorous women make a man happy. Every body like dwell in a joyful environment. Men are not left out. One of the best medicine is laughter. Men love women that can make then smile or laugh especially after a stressful day. Such a behavior makes the relationship lively.

 Laughter would put them in a lighter mood even in their worst moments. Men are always busy and stress up sometimes because of pressure from work and need a woman that can help them reduce the tension by making them  laugh. Such a badly needed quality would make a man to quickly come home immediately he closes from work. You must not be an expert to make someone laugh. You can create or read funny stories or watch comedies and share with your man. If you want to have an enviable relationship, spice it with fun.

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4.Supportive and hardworking

In the past men never cared if their wives were working or not. In this era, increase in the cost of living due to economic crisis and low wage rate has made life very difficult. As a consequence men have now noticed that for them to curb in their relationship, they need someone that can support them in one way or the other. This support can either be moral, material, spiritual or financial. All we need to know is that men love women that are supportive

For a woman to be able to support a man, she needs to be hard working. The society has made it clear that a man must always be strong. That is very correct, but then men too go through hard times and consequently need support. Being there for him at his worst would mean so much to him. Being ready to talk and listen when he needs you makes him feel much better.


One cannot undermine the importance of trust in a relationship. Trust is one of the fundamental ingredients that every relation need to grow. Once trust is lost, the relationship is bound to collapse. It may not be immediate but in the fullness of time. Trust may be lost in a relationship when there is abuse of confidence. It is virtually difficult to love someone you can’t trust. We can say that trust is what fuels a relationship to grow to maturity.

 Men will tell you how pretty and nice looking you are every blessed day until the day you decide to betray them.  When you lie to your man you drive him away. You make him know that you are not reliable and responsible. No man of dignity would like to date an unreliable and irresponsible woman. Once a man leaves you because of lies telling, he can never come back to you again no matter the circumstances surrounding him except he just wants to use you for a moment  and not for anything serious.

A woman in white and black bikini top standing beside a man looking at each other.

A woman in white and black bikini top standing beside a man.

Photo by Anna Hecker on unplash

If you desire to keep a relationship, be as honest as you can. Even the small lie that you think is insignificant may hinder you from wearing an engagement ring. Remember that “He who says little things do not matter has never slept in a room with a mosquito”. The application of wisdom is what you need to free yourself from things that can take away your peace.

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The above mention key points are very important as it would help you understand exactly what men really love and what they really love most about women.

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 Generally, we must understand that the looks of a woman also matters to men. This is because it is the look of a woman that attracts a man to her. It is when a man comes closer to a woman that he can discover her content. Therefore the looks of a woman are very important as well because they are like a sign post that directs suitors to her.

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