How to restore peace in Your Broken Relationship with Your Married Partner.

How to restore peace in Your Broken Relationship with Your Married Partner.
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It has always been the dream of every couple in a serious relationship end up in marriage. This dreams sometimes suffers a lot of setbacks. That not withstanding, there is no problem that has no solution. There is always a solution, but the couple concern must be willing to let go of the past. There is no perfect relation in the world void of misunderstanding. Every relationship must equally be tested to proof its genuineness. That is why problems some times may arise in our union with our spouse.

In this article we shall look at the six steps we can use to fix a broken relationship and some signs that you are still in love with your EX. These sigs would help you know if you should fix your broken relationship or not.

You must focus more on how to have a long lasting relationship that would bind both of you together as a couple. If you are fighting  or having some issues with your partner now and want to fix your broken relationship, because you still love your partner so much, then the following strategies would be of great help to you.

1.Stay focus to your dream

If you have been in a serous relationship and wants to fix it, then you must develop a positive mind set. You must stay focus to your dream of fixing your marriage and don’t allow any distraction from anywhere. Look for those possible views that can encourage your partner to be willing to let go of the past. One of the best strategies you need is to be humble and be the first to apologize for the known and unknown that transpired in the past.

Be determine to ensure that your marriage is fixed. It is a pity to hear that a couple is no longer together just because of simple fighting especially for young couple that is not married for long. Couples need to know that married is not a gamble, or even a try and error thing, but rather for having long lasting loving relationship that bind them until the end of life. This positive mentality gives you the stamina to pursue nothing but success in marriage secrets and forget about those ideas that helps you widen the gap between you and your partner instead of closing it.

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2.Let go of your anger and bitterness

You need to learn to let go when in conflict with your partner. For example what should you do if you are fun of fighting and at the same  time threatening to quit the relationship soon? How can you protect your married? If this is happening to you, first of all, you need to calm down, be cool and just admit your mistake even if the fault is not on your shoulder. This is to release high pressure between both of you so that you can have a harmony sit to talk about the cause of the problem further. This is so helpful as initial step to fix your broken relationship because normally fighting partner will not agree to have some sweet talk with you until you have lessen pressure mood.

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 3. Take your partner to your first dating place

After stage two then follows stage three where you have to take your partner out to an attractive and memorable place.

Now, your married partner has agreed to meet you. So, what is next? Bring your partner to your first dating place or your honeymoon place. This is to bring your sweet memory back. Environment has some positive aura to affect your conversation later. Try to wear the same clothes, setup your dinner place or anything you do in your first honeymoon or in your first dating place. Your partner may not remember it, but their body nerve will remember the feeling and make them to feel comfortable even more.

 4.Take lead in your discussion and be a listener

When you are having a conversation, you need to lead in the conversation and also be a good  listener. What does that mean? That is by asking your partner about his or her  feelings on every sweet memory that your partner has got with you. Give your partner the opportunity to reflect on the good time you had together. If your partner asks you the same questions, then be patient and listen make sure you answer in a way that will please your partner. Also let your spouse know that you are willing to  listen to every word that he or she has. You need to be willing to fix some words that transpired in the past and make them better.

Just remember that whoever controls the conversation, will then control the outcome. And one thing to do is by asking questions all the time so that you will be more caring to your partner to fix your broken relationship.

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 5. Believe that argument is normal in relationship

Have you ever heard of any matured married person who has never argued about anything with his or her partner in marriage? Of course not. I bet even your loving parents have some arguments in their life. We are not living in the fantasy world. So, let your married partner express to you all his or her emotional feeling until the heart feels easy even more. And asked at the end, what are things that your partner really wants from your married relationship. He or she will tell you everything that they want. At this time, just listen carefully word by word what they tell you.

 6.Use their words back to them

This is the last stage and requires that you use a trick to complete the puzzle and persuade your partner to stay loving with you. Use their words back to them. That is ask your partner if he or she is still willing to slowly but steadily change towards what you want. That is would your partner like to start the relationship over again with you? Make him or her to confidently say yes, not just to you, but to his or herself that I am willing to start again. Try this suggestion and see the result yourself. It may not work to some others but it will eventually work to fix your broken relationship.

What are the signs that you still love your ex?

 No one will be willing to fix a relationship with the person he doesn’t love. No one will care for you if he doesn’t love you. There are diverse signs that you can use to know if you are still in love with your EX.

For example You find it hard to stop checking his social media feed, You find it difficult to delete his photo even though you are no longer together, When ever his name is mentioned around you, your heart leaps, you are always tempted to talk to him, when ever you see the kind of things that he likes, you begin to imagine how happy he would be if you surprise him with it. That is you still feel like buying gifts for him.

No matter how you struggle to forget about him, you still see him in your future. When ever you see a couple holding hands and enjoying themselves, you always feel jealous. You always imagine how nice it is for you to be in the arms of your EX.

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If you still find yourself comparing your EX to everyone around you, musics or movies still reminds you of your Ex, You get emotionally unstable when something reminds you of your EX, or he or she is always on your mind, you still comfortably talk about your EX with your friends, Sometimes you even ask yourself why the relationship broke, or you find it difficult to accept some one gain into your life. If you have been experiencing any of these signs, Then know that your love for your EX is still very much in you. For more detailed information, follow this link text:

10 signs You Still Love Your Ex.

You may be asking yourself this question. How do i know my EX still loves me so i don’t waste my time trying to fix a relationship that would never work? It is a very important question as it gives you a guide as to how though the journey ahead would be.

Here are some of the signs that your EX still loves you:

If you are no longer with your yet you still him or her trying to look for the least opportunity to talk to you, or tries to prolong your conversation when ever you are in touch with each other. If your EX continuous to stay in touch with your friends and family members, send you drunk messages, or makes drunk calls, it is a sign that he is still very much in love with you.

If your EX still sends you happy birth day text on your birth days or wish you happy holidays, know that something is still in the pipeline. Some times he tries to take you down memory lane. All of this is to help you see how far you have gone in the relationship and the need for restoration of peace. For more detail information, follow this link text: 7 surprising signs your ex still loves you


The above ideas would actually help you fix your broken relationship. Although it may not work for all but will actually work for a majority of cases.

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