How To Know When You Are In Love With A Guy.

How To Know When You Are In Love With A Guy.
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It is common to see men and women asking themselves questions “ Am I in love” How do I know when I am in love? And How do I know if I am in love with this gug?

These questions usually come up when they find themselves unconsciously attracted to a particular person.

Before we move into this article i would like us to watch this 10 minutes video as it would teach us some seven signs that a girl is in deep love with you.

7 Signs She is in Love With You

In this article we are going to look at 9 signs that psychologists have  published to help us answer the question “ How to know when you are in love”  Let’s get started….

1.You find it hard to stop staring at him

This is one of the most classic sign of infatuation: Not being able to control yourself in the eyes of the one you love is eloquent prove that you are falling in love with that person, love consultant psychologist Marc Heikster explains. Before you know that you are in love with someone, you find yourself unconsciously tempted to keep staring at that person. You would always like to visit only those areas that you may meet up with the person . Simply because you don’t want to loss sight of the one you love.

The issue is that when you look at someone you love, you don’t  see what others are seeing. You may see your whole life appearing like a vision in that person. You begin to imaging what it will be like to have that person all around you.

Marc Heistee  once said “ why won’t you stare at the  person you have found to be the most beautiful one in your  whole world” 

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Romantic couple
Romantic and lovely couple

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2. You begin to abandon your routine activities


The more you feel comfortable spending time with someone, the more the reward system in the  brain increases your desire to want more of that time, said by a  dating psychologist called Madeleine Mason Roantree . “ You start longing for their presence” , she explains. 

As a consequence, you start looking for means to always be around them. It is no longer your fault. It is the reaction of the reward system operating in your brain. As if that is not enough, you find yourself neglecting your routine or usual activities without caring about the consequences. Your brain has being fine-tuned to receive only signals that would draw you closer to the guy. Why? It is because you are in love.

For instance, if you were a student and hate a particular course that the guy you love is doing,  you may find yourself automatically falling in love with that course too just because you want to be closer to the  guy.  Or better still attract his attention.  Most especially when the person’s love curve for you is  fluctuating consistently. That is the unlimited power of love.

You may start thinking of ways to be near them, too, which can include taking up their interests in the hope it could help strengthen the fledgling bond between you.

“For example, you may detest salsa, but find yourself enrolling on a salsa course, even if they are not on the course, because you feel closer to them by proxy,” explains Mason Roantree. “It also gives you something else you can talk to them about, and perhaps it’s a way to entice them to get closer to you.”

3. You don’t care when he does something wrong;

 If you see a lady for example who refuses to listen to the bad things a particular guy enjoy doing like stealing, child trafficking etc and she still find comfort around him, know she is under the control of the power of love. Everyone in that community may hate the guy yet it wouldn’t mean any thing to her. Hekster said “ The power of love and new love, in particular, is primitive”  This means that when you are in love, you don’t notice any negative thing in the person you are in love with.  That is why the Bible says love does not keep a record of wrongs, it is patient and kind.

When your love one begins to remind of the things you did wrong in past  or starts seeing faults in everything you do or say, watch out. Know that your relationship is about to fail.

With this characteristics, anyone who says “ Love is blind is blind” is not far from the truth.

Lady in love
Lady in love with a guy

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4. When time management doesn’t mean anything to you when you are together;

 According to Daria Kuss a love expert, when you are falling in love with someone, the time you spend with that person seem to  fly faster than usual. You can burn twenty four hours without noticing. You keep wanting to have more time together.

This is usually the case when we find pleasure in what we are doing together.

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“You are in the flow when you are with them,” she adds, “so you won’t notice the ticking clock when you spend time together”.

5. You believe that the guy cannot do anything  wrong

When we are in love or are falling in love, our sense of reasoning seem to be shortened.  We hardly take rational decisions. Every suggestion seem to be correct as it is coming from the one we  love.  We don’t want to say anything that would strain our relationship, says, Hekstee

“When we are deeply in love with someone, then you will have a some kind of unrealistic views as to who they are and how they present themselves,” he adds.

 The things we would not want to see someone else do or say to us are the very things our partners would do to us and it would not mean any thing to us. We may fall in love the more for it, because in our eyes we don’t believe that they can do anything wrong. The moment some other person says the same thing to us, is then that we will now start manifesting our strength and abilities.  We would be very critical of someone else’s doing simply because you are not in love.

“Even if they are wearing sandals with socks. It’s what makes them so beautiful, right?!” he adds. “When you are in love, all you see is a version of beauty that feels unchallengeable. It is the idealization of the individual upon whom all your feelings are focused.”

6. You feel unequivocally optimistic;

Mason Roantree when you are in love ,” you may feel to be very successful in every thing that you do. You don’t see anything that can baffle you anymore. You feel energized for no good reason” she explains.

“The act of positive anticipation helps reduce feelings of stress, so the anticipation of  being with your partner boosts your mental health making you feel better about life.”

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7. You want to touch and kiss him;

Again, this might seem very obvious. But the reason why you want to touch and kiss someone you’re falling in love with is far more deeply rooted than you might think.

When you touch someone you’re falling in love with, it releases the “love hormone”, oxytocin.

“This will make you feel happy and strengthen the connection between you and your partner,” explains Kuss.

A lady tempted to kiss
A lady tempted to kiss a guy

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8. You always think about him;

“Falling in love involves a surrender of our feelings to another person,” says Heikster.

In that surrender, Hekster explains that we merge with that person in a way and become completely preoccupied with them to the point where they dominate our thoughts.

Again, this is partly thanks to oxytocin, which is released in the brain during sex.

“It can affect emotion, cognition and social bonding,” adds Hekster, all of which can make you feel closer to someone and foster feelings of love.

9. You want them to be happy

When you start to fall in love with someone, you might find yourself feeling more altruistic than usual, says Hekster.

“This characterize the more mature versions of love,” he adds, explaining that it can be a sign of deep, long-lasting love.

“You don’t only want happiness for yourself, but you want it in equal measure for the other person.”

You may have fallen in love with a guy and may be asking yourself ” Does this guy actually loves me”. The nine minutes video below will teach you the ten tricks that you can use to know if a man truly loves you.

10 Tricks to Know if a Man TRULY Loves You


From the above  signs we can conclude that love is more spiritual than physical. Even those in love do great and mighty things without knowing  exactly what is pushing them to do so. The unlimited power of love affects almost every one in love.  It is because of the power of love that a woman will cook food, serve the husband and watch him eat first even when she is  very  hungry. That is why love experts say “ Until you begin to act abnormally, you are not yet deeply in love”

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