” Video”Does Size matter In A love relationship?

” Video”Does Size matter In A love relationship?
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The way you appear physically is very important when it comes to choosing a love partner. The way you appear in public can either attract or repel people from falling in love with you. That is why women always like to be in their best out feed before outing.

The concept of love is subjective. Some men love fat and heavy weight women and hate slim women while some men love slim women and hate fat women. Some are only interested in big ass, large breast just to name a few while others love the opposite.

Does size matter? Women aged between 18 and 50 answer the trickiest question of them all

Some men and women have indulged in weight loss supplements just because they desire to improve on their physical look.

Your mentality can influence your relationship either positively or negatively. Those who have the mentality that size matters in a relationship would automatically have their relationship controlled by such ideology while those who don’t believe much in size but character would have their relationship controlled by it. More so, those who enter into a relationship with the believe that there is no relationship without conflict are likely to accommodate relationship conflicts than those who believe that relations are conflict free. That is why the Bible says in Proverb 23;7 “For as he thinks in his heart so is he “

Below is a three minutes video about a woman that got married with the mentality that her husband must not cheat on her. She believed that if your husband cheats on you, the only way out was to quit the marriage.

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We took to our face book page to find out “Does size matters in a love relationship” We had many reactions. we noticed that size matters.

Like James said ” size matters so much in a love relationship” He added that what attracts him to a women is her shape, and he loves fat ladies with big ass and large breast.

Johnson said he loves slim women and that the size of the breast doesn’t matter but should be turgid.

Joan said she loves fat and heavy weight men because they are romantic and caring. That she has dated three fat men and didn’t have anything to worry about as far as their size was concern.

Video; Your character can sustain your relationship;

This 4 minutes video is going to educate us on how our character can keep the love candle burning in our relationship.

Your character is a spice to your relationship

Claudia said she doesn’t care so much about the size of a man but what interest her most is his caring and romantic attitude. she added that the man too should be financially healthy.

Mr Vybs live once said ” sometimes i just want someone to hug me and say ‘ i understand your pain. It gonna be okay’ have this 5 million shillings” This implies that his love for someone is not a function of weight or size, but of character and ability to support him when he is in need either financially or emotionally.

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According to Jeremy Carr “When you stop loving, you stop living” That is people fall in love not for any other reason but because they want to live. So according to him size doesn’t matter.

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Some people were of the view that size may matter at the beginning of the relation, but to keep the relationship moving, other factors are necessary like; character, communication, finances, emotional intimacy etc

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Daniel is of the opinion that size doesn’t matter. He said ” It doesn’t matter what you were, it matters what you aspire to be” If you enter into a relationship with a fat person and you politely tell him or her, please sweat heart, i love you the way you are, but would love that you do some weight loss exercises or take some weight loss supplements to reduce your weight because over weight would affect your health negatively, your partner would surely accept your proposal.

Nadine said ” Yes size matters but at the beginning. Once i am in love

i can’t see the fat. love is blind” My spouse is complaining about my weight. Is there a way out?

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Happy couple having conversation while sitting in chair at home

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A handful of people were of the view that; It is not all about the number on the scale as many people are attracted to others because of body types, race, tradition, level of education, economic, political background and beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Some times we may not be in control of our weight, but it is important to know that our weight has the possibility of affecting our relationship negatively.

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” Being healthy is what is paramount not size. James commented!” Some men feel uncomfortable beside slim ladies because they have the impression that such ladies do not command respect in the public. Even some women too do not love slim men for the same reason. They prefer men that are tall fair and handsome.

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The questions is “Does size matters when it comes to satisfaction in a relation”? In the link above you shall get details.


From the above analysis, we can conclude that to a certain extend size matter in a love relationship, but what is most important is the magic word “Love”. There is absolutely no mountain love cannot level. No fire love cannot quench. That is why Ashiqhussain Namdhari said ” Even the heart of Iron’ can be melted with the heat of love” Any one madly in love doesn’t easily find faults in the person he or she is in love with. That is why such people are not seen to be normal in the eyes of ordinary men. Archita Arora said ” Love doesn’t require a well toned body or a lot of make up or hot branded dresses… love just requires two hearts that beat as one” That is it, the key factor is love.

please drop your opinion in the comment box. Does size matter in a love relationship?

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