The Success Principles By Jack Canfield

This is not a book of good ideas. This is a book of timeless principles used
by successful men and women throughout history. I have studied these
success principles for over 30 years and have applied them to my own life.
The phenomenal level of success that I now enjoy is the result of applying
these principles day in and day out since I began to learn them in 1968.
My success includes being the author and editor of more than 200
books—including 60 New York Times bestsellers with over 500 million copies in print in 50 languages around the world; holding a Guinness World
Record title for having seven books on the May 24, 1998, New York Times
bestsellers list; earning a multimillion-dollar net income every year for the
past 20 years; living in a beautiful California estate; appearing on every
major talk show in America (from Oprah and Montel to Larry King Live and
Good Morning America); having a weekly newspaper column read by millions every week; commanding speaking fees of $25,000 to $60,000 a talk; speaking to Fortune 500 companies all over the world; being the recipient of numerous professional and civic awards; having outrageous relationships with my amazing wife and wonderful children; and having achieved a steady state of wellness, balance, happiness, and inner peace.