7 Signs You Are Forcing Yourself To Love Him

7 Signs You Are Forcing Yourself To Love Him
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Research has shown that the rate of relationship breakups nowadays is on the increase as compared to the past. Most of these breakups are common because of the mistakes women sometimes do by forcing themselves into a relationship. Many who have been found victims of such circumstances have testified that they went into a relationship because of loneliness, economic and financial security.

There are diverse reasons why a woman may enter into a relationship and suddenly starts forcing herself to love the man instead of allowing the love to flow naturally. Some of these reasons include;  inadequate or lack of love and care from the man, lack of emotional compatibility, the desire to be identified with high class men, ignorance of how to love and be lovable, affliction or demonic attack on the relationship that leads to the lost of affection for each other and the desire to gain financial dominion or security by entering into a relationship with the guy you don’t love. All these may cause a lady not to look deeper before saying “ Oh yes! I gonna spend the rest of my life with you”

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In this article we shall look at those signs that you can use to evaluate your relationship and to know is you are a victim or a victor.

Here are some seven simple signs that shows that you are forcing yourself to love someone who doesn’t love you back.

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1.Your Heart Is Constantly Broken; Sometime it is easier to speak than to act. What is actually more important is acting. That is in accordance with the adage that “action speaks louder than words” Giving all of yourself to someone is simpler said than achieved. If you have done all you need to do for a relationship to work and is not working, then something is wrong somewhere.

If you have applied all the love tips and the best pieces of relationship advice that you could ever imaging and you are convinced that you are not the problem, yet the relationship is not responding positively, it is a sign that you are with the wrong company. This love is not by force. It is like fire that burns naturally without so much stress.  If your efforts are not yielding fruits, then it is a sign that you are forcing the man to love you.

2. Keep Convincing Yourself To Love Him; When you find yourself easy to be tricked into believing that you love him instead of letting the love flow naturally. Tricking yourself into thinking that you love him, is like taking a sleeping drug to sleep because you can’t sleep normally. Each day you try to remind yourself of his first-rate traits and every night you persuade yourself that you need him, after which you begin crying inside the washroom and moaning approximately how sad you are. When you love a person, you do not search for motives and good trends, you just love him the way he is. You find yourself not even able to see why you love him. You feel the love for him burning in you uncontrollably. You don’t seem to see any reason why you can ever stop loving him.

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Amy Lee and kayla

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3. One Moment You’re Happy, The Following You’re Depressed; If your love curve is constantly fluctuating. Characterized with so many ups and downs. Today you feel loved and tomorrow you feel lonely. When you are fed up, you feel depressed and lost. True love is tolerant, kind, patient, it doesn’t keep a record of wrongs and is caring. But if you notice that any time you have a little misunderstanding, you need to always take time to convince yourself over and over again before you love your man, then something is wrong somewhere. You don’t need to ask for the man’s attention before getting it. It should come naturally.

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4. You Don’t See Any Future With Him; You have been in a relationship for a length of time yet both of you have never discussed any thing concerning your future plans. You are thinking about it, but you never speak in terms of we and us and the man has never done so as well. You might have discussed your future plans together but any time you think about your own future, you don’t see him being part of it. Such circumstances are clear evidence that you are forcing yourself on him. Your future is not in him.

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lady smiling

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5. You Marvel If Happy Relationships Genuinely Exist; When you begin to wonder if happy relationships exist. Why? Because you have tried to be happy in your relationship and is not working. You start asking yourself do happy relationships actually exist or is a whole imagination. This shows that you are forcing yourself to love someone. Both of you are suppose to be working had to make the relationship work, but if you discover that you are the only person trying to make things work out, then know that you are forcing yourself into the relationship. People might have looked at you from a distance and concluded that your relationship is wonderful yet it is terrible. You are only pushing. You often struggle to be happy with the man. This is a sign that you are forcing yourself to love him.

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6. Your Emotions Are Exceedingly Excessive; It is true there is no relationship without challenges but however, if you are unexpectedly experiencing high temper. You easily get offended with every little thing he says or does. You don’t even seem to see anything wrong with your anger. Such unusual anger may arise in you because of lack of affection and emotional intimacy between you and your partner. When a woman is emotionally unsatisfied she naturally feels uncomfortable and vulnerable to negative violence. Such an unconscious behavior is a sign that you are forcing yourself to be loved by a man.

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Little Black Dress 32

7. You Are Making All The Compromises; To compromise means to expediently accept standards that are lower than is desirable. You find yourself doing things you do not like because you want things to work out for you. For example you try to do only what he likes even at the expense of your joy, you even paint your career around his wishes just to please him to no avail. You are so used to hearing rejection for most matters, you have grown weary of even contemplating what you would like to do. Sacrificing your happiness has become your ordinary business of life. You have stopped visiting your friends because your man does not like it. Despite all these, love seem to be stagnant.

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We can see from the above analysis that it is possible to get into a relationship with a wrong person. However, there is always a way out. The above guide can help us to evaluate the state of our relationships and make value judgment.

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