5 Ways To Kill Sin In Your Life

5 Ways To Kill Sin In Your Life
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In this article we are going to show you how you can kill sin power over your life completely.

Many have been struggling with sin every now and then but,nothing to show. As a consequence have tend to believed that sin is normal and nothing can be done about it. God’s word has made it clear that every thing with God is possible. But what is sin?

Are you in some kind of bondage because of one particular sin? Then this article would be very helpful to you.

What i like about the author of this post is that he has clearly spelled out the the five ways that we can use to say good by to bad habits or sin in our lives.

To access this article follow this link text: 5 ways to kill sin

It is also important to know what the Bible is saying about sin. This is because this knowledge would help you to have an understanding of what you are fighting against and why you should not allow sin to abide in you.

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Sin is very dangerous in the life of a believer because it hinders him from enjoying the love of God, opens the door for the devil to have control over his life, takes away the protection of God away from him and deprives him from making heaven or having eternal life. For more information, follow this link text: The dangers of sin in the life of a believer

What then do we stand to gain if we completely stamp out sin power or its dominion over our lives? We must do away with sin because sin is darkness and God is light, darkness and light cannot move together. Sin also leads to death and God hates it. So any body living in sin is an enemy of God. The Bible says that the reward of sin is death. Jesus was killed because of the sins of man. Sin does not only separates us from God but, causes pain and suffering. To learn more about this, follow this link text:

Why Should We Overcome Sin? Here are 7 Reasons

Conclusion: From the above views we can conclude that sin is harmful to our lives and if we do away with it, we shall enjoy God’s love, favor, protection, presence, blessings and mercy.

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