5 Things You Shouldn’t Text A Guy Over Phone

5 Things You Shouldn’t Text A Guy Over Phone
A lady writing a text to him.

If your relationship is not working and you want to put a stop to it, be careful the way you go about it because the negative consequences may tend out to be by far more than the advantages. You may say you don’t care about the consequences but remember that this IS the same person you have had good time with in the past. This is the same person that has loved and cherished you in the past, that has been protecting your and turning your sad days into joyful ones. Always be polite no matter the circumstances. Just texting him and saying it is over could even cause him to have an accident while driving. It is always good to follow a gradual process and be considerate. Talking to him one on one is better.

This is because you will be able to monitor his reaction and console him by giving him tangible reasons that you think the relationship has to end. Please be human enough to do it in person or on phone but with polite words. Never you end a relationship in just few words “ its over”. This kind of message is sensitive and can turn someone’s head to go mad especially if he is still so much in love with you.

Remember tolerance and patients is one of the qualities of love. You need to be patient with him and do it gradually.

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You have a new message
You have a new message

2.  Why don’t you answer?

You really have to understand that your guy has a lot to do in life to make ends meet. He is sometimes a little busy with work and studies. As a loving and devoted friend, you need to be considerate and supportive and don’t think that he doesn’t have your time. When you think like that, you may be tempted to use harsh words against him that would end up destroying your relationship instead of building it.

Learning how to use the write words in your relationship is a mark of wisdom. The best way to avoid using harsh words on your guy is by not talking when you are angry. Pending text like “ Oh, you don’t have my time, you are ignoring me now because you have got what you wanted,” will only make him answer you emphatically because he doesn’t want to make you feel bad and start thinking of a million stories against him. You just need to be considerate, tolerant, patient, and supportive.

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3.  Drunken texts

It is sometimes not advisable to text just for the sake of texting. What you text to your guy matters a lot to him. Those messages helps to build his mind in you and strengthen your relationship bond. Drunken text that fuels his mind with negative thoughts about you is not good for your relationship. We all know that when people are drunk they can say all kinds of nasty things that in their normal senses they would never say it. Drinking and getting drunk is normally not a good habit because some people see it as an irresponsible behavior while others see it as fun. In some situations, drunkenness could lead to funny conversations, but that may happen just for a moment.


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4.  Conversations from the past

Some people have the habit of scanning through the past to bring out events that happened in the past into the present just to make a point. Many have been making this mistakes. Sometimes when you are angry with your guy before you know it you have cited so many similar issues that have happened in the past. My dear I know it is because of anger. Always try by all possible means to make sure you forget about the past and solve your problem the way it is.

Thinking about the past mistakes of your guy wouldn’t make you better but, would nurse anger and bitterness in you that is not good for your health and relationship. You must learn to forgive and forget as such ingredients are necessary for a healthy and prosperous relationship. If you continue to remind your guy of what he did in the past and use it against him today, it would lead to endless fighting and bitterness which gradually destroys your affection for each other.

A Lady about to send a text
A lady about to send a text message

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5.  Is there anyone else

If your partner has been so busy for a wide and has not given you the attention you expected, don’t be in a hurry to text traumatizing words. It is  but normal to start thinking that something is wrong somewhere but is not good to text him and start saying “Is there anyone else, Are you cheating on me? ” If you have an issue with your guy, meeting him and talking face to face is most appropriate than sending him an accusation message that would cause both of you to start fighting each other.

Research have shown that “men who have never had any intention of cheating on their wives are likely to cheat if they are constantly being accused of cheating”. Says Bekong el all. Words have power and are also prophetic and have the ability of influencing people’s behavior. Proverb 18;21 says “ Death and life are in the power of the tongue; and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” If you think positively about your guy and speak what you want to see, you would end up seeing what you think and say. That is the power of positive thinking is real.

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In my opinion, I believe that every one has the right to freedom of speech but the way and manner of speech is as important as the speech itself. You can have a wonderful idea to contribute to your relationship, but if you don’t have wisdom to present it, it would be seen as evil. This is not because your idea is bad, but because the way you presented the idea was not appropriate.

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